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I have had the immense pleasure to work with Kim since 2005. As a veterinarian that practices integrative medicine, Kim has helped me to connect with my patients in such a rewarding manner. I have learned so much from her, and look forward to the days we spend together.

She reaches for the deepest core issues facing animals and the people they are in relationship with. In this world of suppression and quick fixes Kim inspires me in my own path. I can feel the truth and integrity she brings everyday.  I have witnessed a great sense of relief in my patients eyes after her work. The animals truly love her. They can feel Kim's respect and appreciation as she illuminates their essence. She is capable of communicating with a playfulness and humor while at the same time being completely present. 

She has found her healing heart in her work, and this world benefits from that. I know that I will have a lifelong relationship with Kim.

I give her my highest recommendation.

In deep gratitude and awe,
Todd M. Czarnecki DVM 
San Rafael, CA


"I was blessed to have Kim enter my life at a time when my beloved cat became ill after dental work. What appeared to be an acute episode turned out to be a chronic condition. At the recommendation of our holistic veterinarian, I began a series of consultations with Kim.

Circus During home visits Kim has brought her amazing healing energy into our living space. She has educated me about the nature of Spirit, both animal and human, and in doing so has helped me to become more fearless. Her gentle interpretation and communication of the wisdom she gains from my beloved cat have been tremendously healing and strengthening. During Kim's visits I have seen my cat begin to accept the direct energy medicine she offers and I am now able to offer some of this energy medicine to him as well through the hands-on techniques Kim has taught me. These healing techniques very much seem to support the work of the homeopathic remedies we are utilizing and also have greatly enhanced the depth of healing communication between my cat and me.

Kim's extremely generous support has assisted greatly with maintaining my decision to treat my cat with homeopathy versus with allopathic medications. During this most challenging time, it is a gift beyond words to have Kim lavish her healing, loving and brilliantly insightful attention on my cat, and on me. I am incredibly fortunate to have her as a central part of our Healing Team."

Sausalito, CA


"Your healing ablities are deep and profound. I feel that you are helping both Buddyboy and I reconnect to our own healing source within. You have been essential in helping us begin and continue to heal from any post traumatic stress each of us have."

Novato, CA


"It has been such a gift to have Kim work with my animal friends. Her insight comes from a place of quiet understanding and joy, and the animals certainly sense it. Their health and their spirits always improve with her work. I have peace of mind knowing that the animals are understood and listened to by a true, humble healer."

Santa Rosa, CA


"Kim Reu: The Fixer of Lost and Sacred Souls
Kim helped my Kringle the moment she entered my home. Kringle, a rescued pup, came into my life and my heart in Jan. 1998. From the day Kringle arrived, she was frightened of everything and everyone. I have worked with her constantly assuring her of my love throughout these many years. Since Kringle had suffered so much physical and emotional pain before we met and I have tried to ease her heavy heart for years now; I felt she needed to deal with these issues and I in turn, needed someone to help me, help her, deal and ultimately heal herself.

Kringle Our Vet has been treating her with both western and alternative medicine for many years with limited results. He felt that Kringle and I would benefit from Kim's services. Boy was he right!

Kim's healing abilities and insights in to Kringle's complex issues made it possible for Kringle to finally confront her painful memories and let the tremendous pain she had keeping inside go. With Kim's quiet presence and guidance she showed Kringle she could face those painful memories and let them go. She also reassured Kringle that she was safe and loved. Before the 2 1/2 hour session even ended both Kim and I could see a dramatic improvement in Kringle's demeanor and well-being. By the end of our session, Kringle had gained self-confidence and appeared down right happy. When Kim was leaving, Kringle stood up and escorted Kim to the door, Kringle appeared to have grown four inches with her heavy heart now lightened. During the session, Kim showed me how to massage Kringle to ease her physically painful areas and was through holding her heart and her bottom I can help ground Kringle further in the present

Kringle Now, several weeks later, I'm living with a more grounded, content and happier dog that seems to be finally — 'happy to be in her own body'. What an improvement, thanks, Kim!!

With Kim's ongoing support and help, I have a dog that actually smiles at me and others and communicates her needs freely. Whether I want to deal with her at the time or not. Be it massage, food or walk. Kringle now looks straight at me encouraging me to come over to her and cuddle with her in her new spying perch chair .. which I love to do. It has been such an emotional relief for me to see my Kringle blossom and want me to join her life's journey now and in the future."

San Rafael, CA


Mir "My beloved daughter Mir has crossed to the spiritual world. It was very hard for both of us. She was not ready and did not want to go. But the cancer she had would not allow that. I miss her very much and I know she watches over me and we will be together again.

Before Mir passed away. She would look forward to her acupressure sessions with Kim Reu. Mir would light up when she saw Kim. Kim's acupressure sessions helped Mir's comfort physically and mentally. Kim you are definetly loved and watched by Mir as well. Thank you and Mir thanks you.

Berkeley, CA



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