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What can I expect during an Energetic Healing session?

Before beginning the Energetic Healing session, I like to take a moment to discuss any intentions a person may have for their healing. This work is based on the principles of Reiki. During the session, a person may experience heat, muscle twitches, “gurgly” stomach, emotional responses such as tears - this is your body, mind and spirit's way of working with the energy. It may be purging out what toxins need to be cleared or releasing energy that has become stuck (and this may include emotions). As your body, mind and spirit clears itself, the wonderful light energy is free to flow unhindered throughout your being offering healing and vitality.

During the session you may observe your animal friend responding to the energy shifts in several ways: licking and chewing, droopy lip, passing gas, relaxed ears and yawning - just to name a few. This is wonderful! This means the energy is freeing up and finding balance.

Is there anything I should know for after the session?

After working with a person, I like to allow time to discuss, if the person would like (& sometimes, silence is a sacred medicine, too) anything that has arisen during the session. It is common to feel a deep sense of relaxation and well being. For both people and animals, you will want to keep activity light in order to allow integration of the energetic shifts. Make sure to drink plenty of water or that there is plenty of fresh water available for your animal friend.

What can I expect during an Animal Communication session?

During an Animal Communication session, I send healing energy to you and your animal friend and as a result, you may experience any of the energy shifts that I mention above. However, the most common experience after an Animal Communication session is a deeper connection with your animal friend. You may notice that there is more clarity in the way you communicate together. This is because during a session, we have opened a deep heart channel between you and your animal companion and in that cleared the way for deeper understanding and trust.

In preparation for our meeting, I ask that you make a list of your questions. This list is for your reference only and will help set the intention and bring focus to our work together. Although, I prefer working in person, sometimes geography and convenience dictate working with you over the phone or via email and I am happy to do either one. Please visit the Animal Commucation page for more specifics on setting up phone or email reading.

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How long will a session last?

Each session flexes with the needs of the individual(s). Typically, each session is made up of a combination of modalities and are usually 1 1/2 - 2 hours in duration.

Here is a general guideline:
  • Hands on healing with an animal can take 20 to 45 minutes depending on the animal.
  • Energetic Healing with a person will take 75 minutes
  • Readings may take 30-60 minutes
  • I like to take time with each person and/or their animal friend to talk about their intentions for the work we will do and at the end of the session, leave time for questions or anything that may have arisen during the session (this applies primarily to Hands on Healing Sessions)

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I serve Amador County and it's surrounding regions, as well as, the San Francisco Bay area. Please call or email for rates and availability.

For distance sessions, I welcome payments by mail or Pay Pal using the following links.

    1/2 hour session:

    1 hour session:

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How do I schedule a session?

I see clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as, in Sacramento, Amador County and Stockton regions. To schedule an in-person energetic healing session, please call me at (209) 247-6748 or I welcome your emails at kim@wolfsonghealing.com.

If you are interested in setting up a distance Animal Communication session (over the phone or via email), please read "How to Set Up a Session" on the Animal Communication page.



Please Note:
WolfSong Healing does not prescribe or diagnose. It is intended as a supplement not a substitute to qualified Veterinary or Medical care. It does not guarantee “cure”. The use of the word “heal” references transformation to a state of “highest good”.

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