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As is true of many Animal Communicators and Healers, I have been tuned into and communicating with animals and the realms (spirits and the like) since I was a very little girl. My Grandfather spent much time in my early life encouraging my “sight” and teaching me about the connection of all living things. The voices of nature and the animals that dwelled there, remain the chorus of my childhood and gave me the roots for the work I now do.

My Journey

My life has been described as bohemian — a landscape dotted with many different pursuits; however, the common thread has always been my work with animals. Early in my twenties, I moved from my home of California to Alabama where I found work with the US Army. As a civilian, I helped manage their equestrian facility. I was delightfully employed to tend to all aspects of care for the 12 to 25 horses that resided at the center. This included taking in and helping to rehabilitate horses with special and sometimes challenging needs. What wonderful work of the Soul it was to watch a fearful and near un-mountable horse begin to relax and enjoy his human companions through what is now referred to as “natural horsemanship” — I then called it patience, consistency and love.

My work soon moved to Texas where while giving riding instruction to beginning students, I worked first as a Veterinary Assistant in a small animal practice and then as an assistant barn manager for an Arabian breeding facility. Again each step of that journey filled with tales of healing and new beginnings. I will never forget the first time I assisted the birth of a foal. A beautiful little chestnut filly damp from birth and whiskers curled about her muzzle, I admired the strength of her spirit and the encompassing love of her mother. Later as I worked with her — introducing her to the halter, being handled and much later preparation for saddle — that spirit I had admired turned into a strong mind that challenged me to grow and learn. Hers was a beautiful flowering.

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Returning Home

And so my life would continue and my path gently turn back towards home in California. I worked in various positions weaving in and out of the world related to animals: a bookkeeper and office manager for a large tack store, a web designer in Silicon Valley and as a secretary for a lovely Reining trainer. Eventually and by what I now think of as Divine Intervention, I found work with Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, CA. I worked in their kennel department caring for the dogs in boarding care, geriatrics, breeding and yes, the best part of all, their whelping kennel. It was a pleasure in my heart to assist the mothers as they prepared for birth, coaching and aiding in their deliveries and being there to help in all of their post whelp needs. As I write this, I look to the wall in my office where there is a wonderful photo of myself and a pup that is just minutes old — this is her first “photo opp”. To have worked in canine nursing (from whelp to geriatrics) was a blessing and one that has inspired me in my energetic healing work.

I am honored to have been invited as a volunteer to return to Guide Dogs for the Blind as the Kennel Department’s acupressure consultant. They wanted to offer an non invasive method of aiding the mothers during and after whelps. So, I have had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge with the kennel staff and welcoming them into this world of hands on healing. What a wonderful companion this makes for their established and effective health care regimen. And the mothers (& puppies, too) benefit from their kind hands.

Now, I didn’t reach this point without the shared wisdom of others. I am grateful for their walk in my life .. and for those that have believed in me.

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Healing Education:

  • Equine Acupressure - 100+ course hours through Equinology ™, Inc.
  • Equine Body Work Certification — 300+ course hours through Equinology ™, Inc.
  • 5 Element Chinese Medicine, Equine Acupressure and Shiatsu — 100+ course hours with Elemental Acupressure
  • Canine Acupressure and ShiatsuElemental Acupressure
  • Ordained Minister — Shamanic spiritual practice and healing ministry
  • Reiki Level I & Reiki Level II — Marla Steele, Healing with Energy
  • Pyschic Development & Spiritual MentorshipMargo Bearheart
  • Medical Intuition, Meditation, Healing for Healers, Energetic Healing — Jonathan Cohn, Down to Earth Intuition
  • Shamanic Medicine - Will Riggan & Annie Deichmann
  • Spiritual Development - Adyashanti
  • Workshops: Psychic Development, Animal Communication

Special Mentors:

  • William Harris heart My Grandfather — a gentle man who, when I was a wee girl, nurtured and celebrated my ability to communicate with animals
  • Marty Haverfield — the original “horse whisperer”
  • Annie Deichmann — a profound healer and one whose wisdom has stayed my path
  • UBU — my wonderful companion who has crossed over yet guides my healing and path still
  • Mukhtar — a beautiful and magnificent being whose love has caused me to shake in its magnitude and whose patience has lifted me up
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