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When I first saw Vanessa, she was peering out of a cage in the back of a veterinary clinic ... and she was scheduled for euthanasia. She had been diagnosed with severe liver disease and the doctor's prognosis was grim given her age and condition. Though, her body was skeletal from several weeks of not eating, her eyes shined with such fierceness .. and what's more, they sought me out!

My whole being vibrated with the knowing that she was not ready to die ... and that I needed to help anyway that I could. Unable to continue supporting Vanessa's care & in response to the veterinarian's advice, her guardian prepared to help her cross. I spoke with the technicians caring for Vanessa and they told me that her guardian was open to adopting Vanessa out if it meant the possibility of saving her life. This is how Vanessa joined my family, and what followed were 4 weeks of sheer miracles. And the blossoming of one of the strongest beings I have ever had the honor of sharing my life with.

Further tests revealed that her liver was extremely compromised. Cancer was preliminarily ruled out by ultrasound, but a liver biopsy was an option to be certain. There were risks to consider regarding the biopsy, so I spent sometime asking her what she needed and to let me know what was happening in her body. The message I received was that there was no cancer and she did not want alot of invasive testing. I felt intuitively that while her body needed the nursing care, it was her spirit that needed tremendous healing. So, I decided to consult with another veterinarian for a second opinion. She agreed that given her history of loss [three months prior her guardian of 16 years died & she was taken into a new home] & how it coincided with the timeframe of her decline, that there may be more of an emotional element behind the liver disease. This led to a diagnosis of Hepatic Lipidosis or Fatty Liver Disease [to learn more about this disease: click here]. Still her chances of recovery were guarded as she staunchly refused to eat and seemed determined to shut down.

Over the next four weeks, I would syringe feed her four to five times a day, administer subcutaneous fluids, supplement her with herbs and vitamins to support her healing .. and do alot of energy work. She did not do well for the first week. Vanessa remained guarded in her trust of me and was not yet ready to believe that she was truly important .. enough so that I would not leave her. Her body needed nutrients so the vet and I discussed inserting a feeding tube. However, before moving forward on this as it would be quite an invasive move, I talked with Vanessa about it. She gave me a supreme "NO" and almost immediately, began cooperating with the syringe feedings and within a few of weeks was eating on her own.

Throughout her healing, I worked with her through acupressure, massage and reiki. Vanessa took to energy work with gusto. It got to the point, as she improved, that she would seek me out — meowing loudly and insistently until I put down what I was doing and to work with her. Then she would lay down on her side and virtually fall asleep as the energy found harmony in her body. Amazing.

One month from the day I adopted her - from the day the veterinarian shook his head at my foolishness for attempting this dire case, she had begun eating on her own [Although, I still needed to supplement her with a syringe now and then] and had gained some weight - not her ideal weight, but a big improvement. And the bloodwork that revealed her ailing liver had gone from a value tripling what is normal to well within a normal range. The head veterinary technician said, "That is a miracle! What did you do?!" I replied that I didn't do anything - Vanessa did it all.

As I finish this tribute, I feel little paws patting my leg. Looking down, I look into the penetrating eyes that always remind me of a Great Horned Owl - who carries the medicine of Clairvoyance & Seer of Hidden Truths. Vanessa - a 17 year old beautiful healthy cat with the presence of royalty and the heart of a lion.






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