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Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication? | Our Psychic Nature
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What is Animal Communication?

Simply put, Animal Communication is a nonverbal way of speaking with an animal by sending and receiving images, thoughts or sensations. But it is so much more. It is opening a sacred connection to the animal realms and reawakening an ancient bond that reminds us of our oneness. For the animal guardian, it is an opportunity to enrich their relationship with their animal friend and find healing not only for the animal but for themselves as well. In this, our Earth finds healing.

Our Psychic Nature

Everyone is psychic. We are all born with the ability to tune in and communicate intuitively. Have you ever thought of someone and suddenly the phone rings and it is them? How about knowing what someone is going to say just before they say it? That is intuitive connection.

So why aren’t we all practicing Psychics? First of all, it may simply just not be your calling. And second, many things happen between birth and our present reality. And it is precisely what happens in those years that separate many from their intuitive nature. For some it is as extreme as trauma and others it is simply life itself. Participating in the web of our culture that feels it must disconnect from intuition and build the mind in order to succeed and survive can put much distance between one and their psychic nature. There are ways that you can reawaken your intuition if that is the path that calls to you. Many wonderful teachers offer classes in Animal Communication. It is important that you find the one that you best resonate with, as your learning will expand with that connection.

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How does it work?

We are all made of Energy and as such we are all a part of a greater whole. Connected and intertwined from the very root of our being. Based on that, communicating telepathically is a matter of tuning into the greater whole. Dipping into another’s energetic field. It is a field that holds not only the present but the past and future as well.

Animals communicate with each other through their bodies and telepathically. They use the same methods with humans that are open to them. This communication can come in the form of an image, body sensation, sound or just a “knowing”. I have heard it said that animals are highly visual in their communications with each other. Sending “pictures” to each other in conversation. I have certainly experienced that in my work. Animals are so intimately connected with the Earth that their way of communicating is very clean and without our human hindrance. The journey we travel in relationship with our animal friends can be a very intimate one and, sometimes, I receive information that has no meaning to me, but upon relaying this to the animal’s guardian I find the meaning is quite clear to them.

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Our Healing Bond

So often, animals mirror their guardians — in physical and emotional conditions. Have you ever laughed about how a person and their dog look alike? Well, that is the most obvious .. and sometimes amusing .. case of mirroring. However, it goes much deeper than that.

There can be such a deep connection between an animal and their guardian. So much so that, commonly, I will work with an animal and find that I am working with the person as well. Not long ago, a client called to have me work with her cat that was having problems with intermittent diarrhea and a disposition that just wasn't her "peppy self". During the session, I found that their was anxiety and a need to be hyper vigilant underlying her condition. As I turned to her owner, I said that she really needs help letting go and grounding her spirit. Her owner blinked back a tear and said, "Me, too".

Animals incarnate on this planet to be our mentors, healers, companions. Their souls search us out in a effort to bring healing to our lives and to our thirsty planet. However, through their unconditional love they can soak up our physical, emotional and spiritual conditions. When you find a unease or illness in your animal friend, you may discover a mirror in your own health. By nurturing and tending to our own well-being — physically, spiritually and emotionally — we serve the health of our animal companions. Energetic Healing & Animal Communication is an excellent way to find the core of a condition and then help to bring harmony to the body and spirit.

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  • Can I ask questions of an animal or person that has crossed over? Absolutely. As energy has no boundaries in time and space, communicating with those that have crossed over is possible. Many people want to know if their animal friend or loved one is ok or seek clarity about their earthbound relationship. Through, animal communication answers are available.

  • Do I have to be present for a reading? No, based on the same principles of the distance work in Reiki and similar to communicating with those that have crossed over — energy knows no time or space boundary. Therefore, I am able to connect with you and/or your animal over distance and the work can be done over the phone or even email.

  • I have just adopted an animal and he/she is behaving strangely, is this related to his/her past? I work with a lot of animals that have been adopted without information about their origins. So many times, these animals display behavioral issues that relate to their previous lives; through communication it is possible to find out what is at the root of their discomfort.

  • My animal friend is not well and the veterinarian is having trouble pin pointing the ailment, can you help? I practice medical intuition as a part of the communication and hands on healing work that I do. Medical intuition is a way of connecting with an animal or person and reading the energetic field of their body. In readings, I have had areas of the body light up or show in a color that relates to issues being experienced. Sometimes, there is an emotional root that comes across as well.

    [It is important to remember that: WolfSong Healing does not diagnose or prescribe. It is intended as a supplement not a substitute to qualified Veterinary or Medical care.]
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Want to Learn More?

  • Animal Speak
    by Penelope Smith
  • Animal Wisdom: Communications with Animals
    by Anita Curtis

How to set up a Session

Animal Communication sessions may be done in person or long distance via email or telephone.

To make an appointment for an Animal Communication session, you can contact me at (209) 247-6748 or by email at kim@wolfsonghealing.com [As time zones and schedules may vary, email is often the most expedient form of communication].

When you call or email, please provide the following information:
  • Your name, address & phone number
  • Your animal friend's name, age, gender & breed

If you are interested in scheduling a phone or email session, the following is some helpful information regarding the process and preparation:
Phone sessions are either 1/2 hour or 1 hour in length.
Once we have set an appointment time, please send me the following information:
  1. Your name, address and phone number

  2. Your animal friend's name, age & breed

  3. A photo of your animal friend

  4. What is your intention for the Animal Communication session -- what information would you like to recieve? Send a brief list of questions and any information that you would like me to know prior to our session.

  5. Payment is due before our appointment. Send payment prior to your appointment to:
    Kim Reu • 3369 Dry Creek Road • Ione, CA 95640
Call (209) 247-6748 at the time of your appointment.

As I sometimes schedule appointments back to back, it is important to be prompt to your appointment so we can use the entire time alloted for your reading.
Choose a quiet and comfortable place for your reading. If you have call waiting, switch it off. Keep an open heart and mind. You may want to have a pen and paper handy to make notes.
If you need to cancel your appointment, please give 24 hours notice.

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